Getting Started

This page will help you get started with Loyale API.

The Loyale API is organised around the REST architecture, it accepts form-encoded request bodies and returns data in JSON. To indicate the status of the request HTTP response codes are used. The following are status codes that are returned by the Loyale Api:

Status CodeStatus Code NameSummary
200OKEverything worked as expected, usually includes a response object.
204No ContentEverything worked as expected, and no response content was needed to be returned.
202AcceptedYour request has been accepted for background processing.
401UnauthorizedNo valid access token provided.
403ForbiddenThe access token doesn't have permissions to perform the request.
404Not FoundThe requested resource doesn't exist.
429Too many requestsToo many requests were sent to the API too quickly
500Internal Server errorSomething went wrong on Loyale's end. (These are rare.)