Getting Started

The Loyale POS API is a newer version of the Loyale External POS API. It has the same functionality but a simpler way to interface with the endpoints.

To use the endpoints in this collection you will need the Scheme Id and an API Key. Both of these can be obtained from the scheme owner.

  • SchemeId - The Scheme Id must be passed in Guid format using the header 'X-Scheme', this variable is used to choose which scheme you are making the request for.
  • ApiKey - The API Key must be passed in string format in the 'X-ApiKey' header. The ApiKey is your way of authenticating that you have the right to make these requests. ApiKeys may be generated by Admins and Owners from the scheme.

Several of the endpoints in this section have the following query parameters. Filters, Sorts, Page, and Page Size. These parameters are required for the correctly filtered data. If a parameter is passed incorrectly, the wrong data may be returned in the result.

You can find more details on how to use the paging check here, and for filtering and sorting check here.