Loyale is an omni-channel rewards marketing platform. Discover all the capabilities that Loyale has to offer and start building Apps on our platform that will engage and retain customers whilst boosting sales.


Loyale API

The Loyale API is organised around the REST architecture, it accepts form-encoded request bodies and returns data in JSON.

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Loyale POS API


In order to make use of the Loyale External POS API it is required to have a SchemeId. This is a passed in Guid format using the header Scheme and is used to represent the ID for a particular brand/company. Scheme owners have the schemeId in order to allow integrating with the system.

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Mobile SDK's


Our IOS and Android SDK's will help you build and integrate smooth and powerful functionality into your apps much faster than ever before


Android SDK

SSO Library

Loyale's single sign on system allows your customers to authenticate on all your platforms with ease.

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